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Southern Outdoor Cinema is a full service outdoor cinema production company that provides its services for events for small organizations to large movie studios.  Whether you need a small inflatable movie screen for 100 viewers to a gigantic screen for 12,0000 viewers or some where in-between, we have a screen to fit your needs and budget.

We show outdoor movies to the standards that film makers intended their films to be experienced with bright, crisp pictures and awesome sound.  We achieve this by only using the best equipment available on the market.   Southern Outdoor Cinema is the only outdoor cinema company in the Southeast region that uses AIRSCREEN inflatable movie screens for all of their shows. 


  • Theatrical Grade Screen Surface: Optimized for outdoor viewing with 900 gram theatrical-grade projection surfaces with black backing prevent light from the back from showing through screen. 

  • Wind Ratings: Tested in winds up to 40 mph. Screen wind rating is 26mph. 

  • Higher internal pressure = stability : Quiet high pressure blower maintains structure, even in winds.

  • Professional, Attractive Frame: smooth frame surface without wrinkles or bulging.

  • Wrinkle Free Screen Surface:  Screen bungee cords keep screen surface flat in wind and prevent wrinkles.

  • Viewable screen surface starts 6 feet off of ground.

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